Marketing & Sales

Tiger Energy Trading is Sakari’s exclusive agent for marketing and selling its coals.  Tiger is a 100% subsidiary of Sakari and is based in Singapore

Sakari sells direct to end users with the majority being independent power producers in Asia. This customer base has been established over a number of years during which Sakari has become known as a reliable producer of consistent quality coals.

Sebuku, a trade mark coal, is a high quality bituminous coal and Jembayan is a sub‐bituminous coal in the medium to upper quality sector for Indonesian sub‐bit coal. The general specs for the coals are:

Sebuku Quality Comparison Jembayan
6,000 Gross Calorific Value (kcal/kg GAR)
(NEWS 6,300)
15 Total Moisture (%GAR)
(NEWSC Max 15)
9.3 Ash (%AD)
(NEWC Max 14)
0.68 Sulphur (%AD) (NEWC Max 0.75) 0.70

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