Governance and Sustainability matters are reviewed annually in Sakari’s Annual Report, which is available through the Investor Relations section in this website.

The statement below explains the basis for the principles that Sakari’s Directors apply in relation to rules for corporate governance for the Group:

“Effective corporate governance…….

  • …will improve Sakari’s performance
  • …will enhance corporate social responsibility
  • …will benefit all stakeholders
  • …does not mean adherence to a static set of principles
  • …requires the principles and rules to be consistently in mind for improvement
  • …targets substance over form, with improvements reflecting the circumstances of Sakari Group as it grows and evolves.”

Sakari has various self-regulatory and monitoring mechanisms, including the appointment of external parties, to ensure that it delivers effective corporate governance in practice and all stakeholders are informed about the affairs of the Group. Sakari adheres to the principles embodied in the Code of Corporate Governance issued by the Singapore Council on Corporate Disclosure and Governance and complies with all material aspects of the Code.

The Board’s Charter is available can be read and downloaded through this [ link ].